9 of the Best Greek Islands to Visit in Your Lifetime

Not all islands are created equal, and the ones in Greece are all especially charming. Here are the best Greek islands you need to visit.


The Greek island Mykonos is known for having a trendy nightlife compared to other, more quaint spots. But don’t let that wild nightlife fool you! Mykonos is also one of the best Greek islands for people who want a stylish boutique-like hotel experience and beautiful beaches too.


This beautiful island is only accessible by boat. Although it’s known for getting a little crowded, it’s worth visiting to see the loggerhead turtles that breed on Gerakas beach. Make a note that Smuggler’s Cove, located in Zakynthos, is also one of the most photographed beaches in all of Greece.


This Greek island has excellent beaches, museums, and a monastery. In addition, are a few unique activities including the Museum of Asian Art, a waterpark, and a donkey rescue centre.


This Greek island makes for a perfect day trip.—although the quaint streets and culture might convince you to stay longer than a day.


Picture-perfect Santorini won’t disappoint visually. From gorgeous sunsets to the town of Thiria, this Greek island is a sight to behold. That might be why it’s popular with honeymooners. There are also vineyards and art galleries to explore for when you need a break from the beach.


Farm-to-table lovers will appreciate this Greek island that offers tons of mostly-healthy food options. The traditional cuisine features must-tries such as Cretan cheeses, fried snails, smoked pork, and Sfakia pies. That puts the island at the top of the best Greek islands for foodies list.


Rhodes might not seem like a party destination, but the island can hold a candle to other spots like Mykonos. If catching some sun is more your speed, know that the sun actually shines in Rhodes about 300 days out of the entire year.


This rural island is ideal for people searching for a laid-back, leisurely pace. Isolated beaches and ancient cities are located throughout the island for you to explore.


Ikaria might sound familiar because it’s inhabitants are known for living long lives. In fact, people living in Ikaria live on average ten years longer than those in the rest of Europe and America. Come for “the secret to aging gracefully” and stay for the sunshine and beaches.

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